Mark James Perry: Privacy Policy


We always take your privacy and security matters seriously. Our website uses industry standard SSL encryption throughout. All areas of our website comply with EU GDPR 2018 legislation.

We do not participate in the disclosure or resale of customer data. No invasive tracking or targeted advertising happens on this website. Like a lot of other websites, our website uses small tracking cookies and other services to enhance your browsing experience and to help you use our website. You can learn more about tracking cookies here. You are free to opt-in or opt-out of non essential tracking cookies using the buttons below; however you may encounter a downgrade in website functionality if you choose to opt-out.
You are currently opted-out. Only essential cookies will be created on your computer.
Essential tracking cookies are required for important tasks, such as the display of site content or preferred preferences. You cannot opt-out of these essential cookies and your use of this website assumes your acceptance to having these essential cookies set on your computer. Within your web browser software settings, you can freely control what cookies are stored on your computer and delete them at any time.

Any email communication you have with us will be treated with the utmost confidentially. We will never forward-on correspondence without your prior permission. Neither will we share your details or add your details to other mailing lists without your prior consent. We will never ask you for personal or confidential details in emails, like credit card details.

If you have any questions about how we safeguard your privacy, please get in touch via the contact page.

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